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What follows a text book………

Oddly enough, love does. I find a text book I need for a class and little did I now it would be the introduction to a new adventurous chapter for me. Captain calmly walked in and strolled his way into my head and my heart. This guy treats me as if I were the princess I pretend to be everyday. He not only wants me in his life, but my babies as well. And that means the world to me. I dont know what I would do without him right now. He is incredible. I love you Joey.

So this will be my first post from my new tablet. im so happy. maybe i can take a quick pic too!!

So much has been going on. It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve heard from you. I hope you’re ok. I still think of you all the time.

saaame, like i wouldnt even say bad words back when i first started listening to them, i cant believe theyll never do anything else together so fucking upsetting, i get u dude!!!

It’s always a sad day when a bad that means so much to you breaks up.

Uuuhhhhhggghh can’t anything in my love life go right? -plops down and pouts-


Took another wrong turn. And no one to talk to again. I’m tired of being alone. When do I get my shoulder to cry on? When will I have some one who will listen and I can listen to? This is starting to take its toll. Really. I don’t feel so good about anything anymore.


I was there!! It was so great!!

I’m going to see this face in person!!!!


Everything has fallen apart. Seriously, everything. And I’m starting to think I’m not amazing enough for anyone to want or stick around.

I am going to cry myself to sleep. If I don’t a job in four months my money will be cut off. What am I going to do?!?! I search all the time!! How will I take care of Laura!?!?! I’m going nuts!?!?!

Damned Ranger.

So it ended before it began. Once again I am left feeling sad, alone and feeling not good enough. I need a damn beer. I miss you Zombie.


Feels so weird trying to not fuck up making a relationship happen with one person when you are in love with another. Ranger is an amazing guy. We want to do this right and try for something real. I haven’t tried for something real in so long, I don’t know what I am doing. I want this and I can’t rush it. If I screw this up, I’ll be crushed. Trying for a ranger and thinking of a zombie. Smh-I’m fucking screwed.